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Numbness and Tingling in Your Hands? Visit Your Neighborhood Chiropractor

Our spinal columns could be viewed as an electrical central relay system. Our brain, a biological computer, is directly connected to the “electrical wiring” of the spinal column and through it communicates wit the rest of the body.

When we feel tingling in the hands or fingers it is often a sign that there is some type of nerve compression along the nerve signal path from the brain to the fingers or hands. Often this problem begins with the vertebrae in your neck. Sometimes the hand or finger tingling is just something innocuous and relatively harmless, such as sleeping on your arm overnight.

Leaving your arm in a static position for an extended period of time can also cause the tingling sensations. Many people, at one time or another, have accidentally hit their “funny bone” near the elbow joint. This is simply a nerve plexus concentration area. While painful and causing arm or hand numbness, the sensation quickly dissipates as the nerve signals are restored to normal. But any time there is an extended period of time where the hands or fingers constantly tingle, there could be more serious underlying medical problems, and you should consult your doctor and/or chiropractor.

image of a tingling handsPotential causes of tingling in the hands or fingers could be due to any of the following; herniated disc , shingles or herpes zoster infection, injury to the nerve from infection, migraines, diabetes, stroke, seizures,  under-active thyroid, lack of vitamin B-12, multiple sclerosis, radiation therapy, animal bites, insect, tick, or spider bites, and seafood toxins. But for the majority of cases, a compression or restriction in the nerves of the neck or shoulders could be the source of the problem.

You may even be able to relieve the tension of the neck muscles by doing simple neck stretching exercises. A lot of tension is built up in the neck area, just from day to day living. Our specially trained Garland chiropractor can perform basic neck, shoulder, back and spinal manipulations to alleviate the nerve compression.

Your wrist has eight different bones, and any bone that isn’t working properly can cause nerve pressure or compression, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. Our chiropractors will make sure that all those bones are in their proper configuration, and in many cases the result will be instant relief from any hand, finger, joint pain in the immediate area..

Sometimes the tingling in the hands or fingers could be caused by a compression of nerves in the chest area. Routinely stretching the pectoral muscles should help to relieve the problem, as will a chiropractic adjustment. Therapeutic massage:  done within our clinic or at a massage clinic of your choice will also help to keep the muscles and fascia loose and relaxed.

Here’s a  simple exercise that can performed at home. Stand in a corner of the room. Lift your arms so that your elbows are aligned with your shoulders and your hands are facing forwards. Next, place each hand on either side of the corner.  Now slowly lean in toward the corner. You will feel a stretch in the pectoral or chest muscles. Hold that position for three minutes. Perform this exercise twice daily for two weeks, and this may relieve any nerve compression through the chest area, which should decrease the tingling sensation.

Our doctors may also recommend using ices pack to relieve the inflammation, swelling, and numbness.

It’s important to understand that there a wide variety of potential causes of tingling in the hands or fingers. Nerve compression cases with most people  are relatively benign, but it’s important to get a full assessment from either your medical doctor and/or chiropractor, to ensure proper treatment for your individual case.

Our Garland chiropractic clinic is medically integrated and includes the services of a Nurse Practitioner, two Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and exercise rehab. If you’re feeling tingly, achy or stiff, we may have what you need to feel better.

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