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If You’ve Been Considering Back Surgery for a Herniated Disc, Read This first

 image of a herniated disc surgery teamWhat your doctor won’t tell you (and what many don’t know) is that surgery for a herniated disc is only needed a small percentage of the the time. By reading this article you’ll learn about an affordable non-surgical treatment option that can help injured discs heal, and help you avoid potentially unneccessary back surgery .

Back Surgery not only involves certain risks, it also has highest failure percentage rate of all surgeries. On average, over 50% of low back surgeries (those involving the L5-S1 discs) fail to relieve the patient’s pain. They even have a name for the problem–Failed Back Syndrome.

How You May Be Able to Avoid Painful Back Surgery

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a safe alternative therapy with an excellent track record. Unfortunately the FDA frowns on doctors who make specific claims about the effectiveness of Spinal Depcompression therapy, but we can tell you this–the vast majority of patients we treat in our office experience dramatic pain relief.

[callout title=You May Be Able to Avoid Surgery]What your doctor won’t tell you (and what many don’t know) is that surgery for a herniated disc is only needed a small percentage of the the time. [/callout]In addition, most of our patients find this gentle treatment relaxing and comfortable. During the 15 minute therapy session, our patients lie on a specially designed bed that is attached to a computerized controller. Straps are then placed around the patients chest and hips. Next the computer is set to cycle through a series of gentle stretches.

It’s this cycle of stretches that is so effective in treating herniated discs, bulging discs or ruptured discs. During the spinal decompression treatment, pressure is removed from the problem disc.

To explain it in more technical terms, the treatment produces negative pressure within the disc. Over a series of treatments, the fluid that surrounds the discs nourishes, re-hydrate and plumps up the damaged disc — giving your your body a chance to heal.

Cost effective care

Not only is Spinal Decompression very safe, it is extremely cost effective. Although many people cite the average cost of back surgery as running between $6000 – $17,000, when you factor in the hospital and anesthesiologist’s fees, the true costs can be much higher.

This is much different from the affordable chiropractic care we offer in our Garland clinic. Many insurance plans cover spinal decompression therapy. For those patients with insurances that do not, or for patients who are uninsured, we offer affordable cash rates.

If you’re experiencing severe back pain or if you’ve been told you have a herniated disc and would like to learn if you’re a candidate for spinal decompression therapy, contact our office today. Dr. Mixon is a Garland Chiropractor who is specially trained to diagnose and treat difficult back conditions.

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How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help
a Herniated Disc

Our spinal columns are intriguing and complex structures made up of interlocking muscles, fibers, ligaments, and spongy shock absorbers in between each spine vertebrae. It’s these spongey structures or spinal discs, that play such an important role in keeping our spines supple and flexible.

How to Treat the Herniated DiscThe discs in our spines can deteriorate over time from age and wear and tear. The discs can also tear or rupture due to a trauma or injury. This is known as a herniated disc. Sometimes you’ll also hear medical doctors refer to this condition as a “bulging disc”, or a “ruptured disc”.

The spinal discs have a tough outer layer, but within the disc there is a gel-like substance. Any damage to that outer layer, and the disc may bulge, or break open. Often this will cause the disc to press on the spinal nerves.

Since the nerves and spine are so complex, the symptoms of a herniated disc can vary. If there is little damage to the disc, there may be little or no pain. But if the damage is significant, it can result in severe low back or neck pain. The pain can lead to sciatica, a burning pain that radiates down the buttocks into the legs.

Some patients have equated the pain from herniated disc to the feeling of an electric shock. There may also be a “pins and needles” sensation, or tingling and numbness. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by muscle weakness as well. In rare cases a patient may experience bowel or bladder problems. This is a medical emergencyand a patient experiencing these extreme symptoms should see a doctor immediately.

Herniated disc treatment

advising rest and limited physical activity. Ice packs may provide immediate pain relief, and help relax stressed muscles. If these changes don’t bring improvement, the next step is usually anti-inflammatory medications, progressing to oral steroids, narcotics, and steroid injections to the spine.

For people looking for a safe, alternative herniated disc treatment, chiropractic care tops the list. During a chiropractic visit, Dr. Mixon properly adjusts the spine to correct any spinal misalignments. This treatment alone can provide dramatic pain relief. However in many cases, Dr. Mixon will also recommend Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a specialized treatment with a proven record of success for patients with herniated or bulging discs. The ideal conditions provided by this advanced therapy give the body a chance to heal. Here is what one spinal decompression patient had to say about her husband’s experience, “Both my husband and I have bad backs. When we came in to see Dr. Mixon, I could barely walk because of the pain. Once we were done with the decompression machine and adjustments, it was like we had new backs and could walk out with a pep in our step ” – R & S Salicos, Watauga, TX

If you have or suspect you have a herniated disc, or have been diagnosed with sciatica, give our Garland chiropractic office a call. Our advanced treatment options can help you get back to enjoying life faster than you thought possible!

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