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Make Chiropractic Treatment a Healthy Habit | Garland Chiropractic

Many people know about chiropractic treatment because, at one time or another in their lives, they had ‘back pain’ and went to their local DC for help. Most likely it helped, but as soon as the pain went away, so did the patient.

Chiropractic-TreatmentIt’s quite common really; we’re taught from an early age that when we have symptoms we are ‘sick’, but when we don’t we are ‘healthy’. If you believe that reasoning, it only makes sense to go to the chiropractor when you are in pain. Why go the chiropractor when you’re feeling great, right?! You’re not sick, so there’s no reason to go!

However a an outward lack of symptoms has very little to do with the actual health of your body. Many people that look great and ‘feel’ great one day end up in the hospital the next day. On the outside they might have felt fine, even great, but on the inside they had been ‘sick’ for a very long time.

The simple fact is that in most countries the ‘health care system’ is actually just the opposite, a ‘disease care system’. You don’t go to the doctor, or the chiropractor, when you’re healthy; you go when you’re unhealthy. The doctor then gives you medicine (or chiropractic treatment) until you ‘feel’ better and then you stop. It’s reactive medicine, not preventative medicine, and it doesn’t work in the long term.

This is really a shame, because if people truly understood the long term benefits of Garland chiropractic care they would be lining up to schedule an appointment. Study after study has proven that the long term benefits of preventative chiropractic treatment can have an incredible life-prolonging effect on the human body, preventing disease, degeneration and early death.

The reason for this is simple; if the brain can communicate well with the body, the body will heal faster and stronger. Even your medical doctor will agree that a fully functioning nervous system will keep your body healthier for much healthier for a longer period of time. We humans (and other animals and plants) have what is called an innate healing ability. Therefore if everything is running correctly, we WILL heal. If the nervous system is working optimally, the innate healing function will be at work — keeping us healthy.

That’s why preventative chiropractic treatment is so important, because the spine protects the nervous system. Take care of the spine and the nervous system will take care of the rest. Your brain will function better, your heart will pump strong, your lungs will heal faster, and your muscles will stay limber and supple. Studies have shown that people who go to the Chiropractor regularly have healthier, stronger immune systems, less frequency of stroke, and generally live longer!

Just like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and regular exercise, maintaining the spine is extremely important. You can do all of the latter things but if the spine isn’t functioning at peak performance your ability to heal won’t either. Like a house with termites — you’ll look good on the outside but inside, where nobody can see, you’ll be falling apart.

So make sure to take care of your spine regularly. The next time you feel great, go and see your Garland chiropractor, get an adjustment, and thank him or her for helping you to truly stay healthy. It’s one of the smartest, most important disease prevention habits you can create.

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