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Avoiding Whiplash | Holiday Safe Driving Tips

Picture of man who is texting while drivingFrom Hanukkah to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, the end of the year brings plenty of holiday travel. According to AAA, In 2011, over 83 million Americans were expected to travel by car during the holidays. As you can imagine, this makes for very congested roadways.

It’s natural to assume that you’ll make it to your holiday gatherings, and family events unharmed. But arriving at your destination safely isn’t something you can take for granted.

Thanksgiving Day 2012 in is a perfect example. An unexpected turn in weather in Texas lead to heavy fog and a massive 140 car pile up which resulted in 2 fatalities and 80 injuries. This demonstrate how deceptive holiday weather can be. Many people drive too fast or don’t recognize how bad road conditions are.

Here is the most important holiday travel tip: slow down when you’re driving and don’t tailgate other drivers. Even if it’s an unseasonably warm day there may be a frozen, slick spot on the road. In addition, salt on the roads can add to slippery conditions.

Holiday Safe Driving Tips

Rid your hood, windows, head lights and tail lights of snow and dirt before traveling – Snow buildup on your car can cause problems for other drivers when it melts. Other drivers may have a hard time seeing because of the flying snow.

No cell phone use while driving – Although you may think you can talk on the phone and drive, the distraction is dangerous. Your attention should be on the road at all times. If you’re lost, pull over and make your call.

Wear your seat belt at all times-In some areas not wearing a seat belt is a fineable offense, but that’s not the only reason you should buckle up.. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, research found that seat belts saved over 12,500 lives in 2010. On Thanksgiving 2010, 337 car passengers were killed in traffic crashes across the U.S. and over half of them were not wearing a seat belt at the time, according to AAA.

Auto Accidents can cause long term pain and injury

You’re at high risk of whiplash during a car accident. When you suffer any kind of impact, your neck may be jerked back and forth. This can result in damage to the muscles, ligaments, and the neck’s normal curvature.
You may have a whiplash injury if within 24 hours of the incident you experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Neck stiffness
  • Neck pain
  • Blurred vision

If you are in a auto accident during the holiday season—or at any other time— treatment for whiplash is essential to prevent long term pain and injury. Without proper whiplash treatment, the neck’s normal curvature could be destroyed. You may lose normal range of motion and find it difficult to turn your neck. If left untreated, whiplash can also lead to degenerative changes and arthritis.

Chiropractic care is a safe, effective treatment for whiplash. Our Garland Chiropractors may pair chiropractic treatment with hot laser therapy, spinal decompression and massage therapy to further enhance the healing benefits.

Keep the holidays full of excitement and joy; take extra caution when driving and follow our safe driving tips. If you do find yourself involved in a collision our Garland Chiropractors, Dr. James Mixon and Dr. Patrick Ware can help you feel better fast.

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Make Chiropractic Treatment a Healthy Habit | Garland Chiropractic

Many people know about chiropractic treatment because, at one time or another in their lives, they had ‘back pain’ and went to their local DC for help. Most likely it helped, but as soon as the pain went away, so did the patient.

Chiropractic-TreatmentIt’s quite common really; we’re taught from an early age that when we have symptoms we are ‘sick’, but when we don’t we are ‘healthy’. If you believe that reasoning, it only makes sense to go to the chiropractor when you are in pain. Why go the chiropractor when you’re feeling great, right?! You’re not sick, so there’s no reason to go!

However a an outward lack of symptoms has very little to do with the actual health of your body. Many people that look great and ‘feel’ great one day end up in the hospital the next day. On the outside they might have felt fine, even great, but on the inside they had been ‘sick’ for a very long time.

The simple fact is that in most countries the ‘health care system’ is actually just the opposite, a ‘disease care system’. You don’t go to the doctor, or the chiropractor, when you’re healthy; you go when you’re unhealthy. The doctor then gives you medicine (or chiropractic treatment) until you ‘feel’ better and then you stop. It’s reactive medicine, not preventative medicine, and it doesn’t work in the long term.

This is really a shame, because if people truly understood the long term benefits of Garland chiropractic care they would be lining up to schedule an appointment. Study after study has proven that the long term benefits of preventative chiropractic treatment can have an incredible life-prolonging effect on the human body, preventing disease, degeneration and early death.

The reason for this is simple; if the brain can communicate well with the body, the body will heal faster and stronger. Even your medical doctor will agree that a fully functioning nervous system will keep your body healthier for much healthier for a longer period of time. We humans (and other animals and plants) have what is called an innate healing ability. Therefore if everything is running correctly, we WILL heal. If the nervous system is working optimally, the innate healing function will be at work — keeping us healthy.

That’s why preventative chiropractic treatment is so important, because the spine protects the nervous system. Take care of the spine and the nervous system will take care of the rest. Your brain will function better, your heart will pump strong, your lungs will heal faster, and your muscles will stay limber and supple. Studies have shown that people who go to the Chiropractor regularly have healthier, stronger immune systems, less frequency of stroke, and generally live longer!

Just like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and regular exercise, maintaining the spine is extremely important. You can do all of the latter things but if the spine isn’t functioning at peak performance your ability to heal won’t either. Like a house with termites — you’ll look good on the outside but inside, where nobody can see, you’ll be falling apart.

So make sure to take care of your spine regularly. The next time you feel great, go and see your Garland chiropractor, get an adjustment, and thank him or her for helping you to truly stay healthy. It’s one of the smartest, most important disease prevention habits you can create.

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How Garland Chiropractors Help Patients with Arthritis Pain

An image of arthritic handsWhen some people think of arthritis they imagine the worst case scenario, someone wracked with pain, their strength and range of movement severely limited. The truth, in most cases, is far from this extreme. The ‘average’ arthritis sufferer does have pain but it certainly isn’t crippling. In most cases it’s more annoying than anything else and painful only at certain times of the day.

Garland chiropractic care can help with most types of moderate arthritis, and can even help control the pain in severe arthritis. Although it’s not a cure for the condition, it can make living and dealing with this disorder a lot easier.

If your spine is aligned correctly and the spinal nerves have plenty of room your body’s natural ability to heal will work at optimum capacity. This will help you deal with the inflammation and swelling that arthritis can cause. Regular chiropractic adjustments can assist your body’s natural ability to stay powerful and strong and, no matter what type of arthritis you have, you will be better equipped to deal with it.

Some forms of arthritis are degenerative in nature. Osteoarthritis, for example, breaks down the cartilage that protects the surfaces of the joints, including the spine. Regular chiropractic treatments can help keep your more mobile. This occurs because chiropractic treatment helps the intervertebral discs to absorb fluid and nutrients (a process called imbibition), which can help the cartilage to stay more supple while reducing inflammation.

The most susceptible areas of the spine are the neck and the low back. The knees, hips and fingers are the other joints that suffer from osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can attack a person at any time during their life but this people who have suffer multiple traumas or who have occupations that are very physical are even more vulnerable. Chiropractic adjustments of the spine and joints can help joints stay mobile and lubricated.

image of exercising seniorWhile chiropractic care alone is an excellent way to keep arthritis symptoms under control, our Garland chiropractic clinic offers additional treatment options that offer even more benefit.

Laser therapy, and electro-therapy, in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, can help reduce the joint pain caused by the swelling of arthritis. Our Garland chiropractors may also recommend massage therapy.

We can also offer nutritional advice about what types of foods to eat (and to avoid) to help reduce arthritis symptoms, as well as what supplements are the best and what exercises are helpful.

Arthritis is a difficult condition, but with regular chiropractic care you will increase your ability to handle the swelling and slow down arthritic degeneration. Your Garland chiropractor can offer other suggestions to control your symptoms naturally and, with a little luck, your arthritis will remain under control.

If you’re suffering from arthritis, contact Texas Spinal Health today to schedule an appointment.

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Spinal Decompression: The Answer to Back Pain? | Garland Chiropractors

Spinal decompression is a non-invasive and non-surgical method of treating certain types of back pain. Spinal decompression works by gently and gradually decompressing the spine to take the pressure off inflamed discs and nerves. It has been one of the most effective medical breakthroughs to come in many years as it exhibited good long-term results for chronic back pain relief.

Benefits of spinal decompression therapy

The most common cause of back pain treated with spinal decompression is a herniated disc.representation of a herniated disc Pressure on the spine can cause herniated discs to bulge and push against surrounding spinal nerves and tissues. Decompression releases the pressure off the injured discs to reduce the disc bulge.

Degenerative disc problems are also treated with spinal decompression therapy. An injured disc can be further irritated by spinal compression which causes the vertebrae to move closer together. This can lead to nerve root and tissue compression which cause various forms of back pain. Decompression gets rid of the intense pressure on damaged discs to reduce or remove painful symptoms.

Facet joint syndrome is another back condition subjected to spinal decompression treatment. Of all back conditions, however, this one exhibits less than perfect results for long-term back pain relief. Facet joint syndrome induces pain because of the onset of arthritis in the lower vertebral bones. Decompression widens the gaps between the vertebral bones which may possibly reduce back pain.

How spinal decompression treatment is performed

In actual practice, the treatment involves a series of closely supervised distraction forces to help bring the spine back to its proper alignment, therefore decreasing pressure on the injured discs. In between distraction periods, a brief rest period is allowed to the patient. While treatment may take several weeks to complete, some patients have noted pain relief after only a few sessions.

The patient’s exact position during a decompression session depends largely on the nature of their back condition. For instance, decompressing the lower back requires patients to lie either on their stomachs or on their backs on the decompression table. However, in cases which involve the neck or upper spine region, patients are usually laid on their backs. In all sessions, supporting straps and pads are held in place to keep the patient in the right position during treatment.

Unlike other types of back therapy, spinal decompression patients may remain fully clothed while treatments are administrated. Most decompression calls for the use of a pelvic harness and, at times, a thoracic harness. These straps run along the stomach and chest area to hold the patient in the proper position. At the onset, the chiropractor will make patient-specific sets of treatments depending on the back condition present. This set of treatment is captured and saved for reference in future sessions.

Along with using distraction to decompress pinched discs, spinal decompression treatments can also make use of ultrasound, apply heat or cold to excite or relax the muscles in the spinal region, or perhaps some electric stimulation devices. The sequence in which these measures are used depends mostly on the degree of pressure on the spine as well as the location of the patient’s pain.

Inversion tables; At home treatment for herniated disc pain

Inversion tables are a medical wonder. However, they are not often talked about in medical circles as they don’t involve drugs or surgery. It is a highly recommended device for relieving back pain. Apart from spinal decompression, mild inversion could be a beneficial part of your treatment. Sticking to this routine will further free your back from pain.

Consult your Garland chiropractor

Consult your Garland chiropractor about spinal decompression and inversion tables. Many sufferers have successfully conquered their back pain through professional chiropractic care. This treatment is not only best for back pain, herniated discs, and neck pain; it can also be used in relieving various medical conditions such as headaches, asthma, colic, and ADHD. What’s more, chiropractic care can improve the body’s immune system to make it more resistant to diseases and illnesses.

Our Garland chiropractors can be reached by calling (972) 840-2520. Garland residents and those in the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth Area will find us conveniently located.

To learn more about Spinal Decompression in Garland, TX and other therapies for patients with herniated discs, bulging discs or ruptured discs, please return to our Home Page.