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If you’ve been diagnosed with a herniated or a bulging disc, you need to know that surgery is not your only option. Our chiropractors in Garland, TX offer treatment programs designed to provide affordable and effective herniated disc pain relief.

In an instant, whether from an accident, or poor posture your neck or back can switch from giving your body support to being a source of pain. However, at Texas Spinal Health, we work with you to find the best methods to treat your injury in a safe invasive manner using affordable chiropractic treatment. We offer complete treatment for disc pain, to help you back on your feet quickly..

Pain and Your Body

When you’re hurt, the pain you feel may lead to other long term problems. Chronic pain is listed as one of the leading causes of stress. While pain is immediate, stress can create long term health issues leading to lack of appetite, poor sleep, depression and/or anger issues as well as a general deterioration in your body’s ability to resist disease.

an side view image of a herniated disc

Herniated Disc (Side View)

To prevent long term problems, it’s important that even minor back injuries are dealt with quickly, affordably and professionally.

Herniated disc Injuries

After your brain and heart, your spine is one of the most critical areas of your body. Not only does it protect the bulk of your central nervous system, it’s also the skeletal foundation of your body.

Unlike an injury to an arm or leg which can be ‘rested’ such as in a cast, your spine operates 24/7, so if injured you may feel pain even while lying down. One of the most common spinal injuries is the herniated disc. This is where a tear in the outer fibrous ring of the disc allows the inner disc material to bulge outward.
Inflammation from the injury can significantly increase the amount of pain you feel. When there is a disc injury present, you may also experience sciatica, a radiating pain that often extend down the buttock and leg.

While minor herniations can heal naturally over several weeks, the process can be painful. Our goal is to help heal these condition by using non-invasive methods which do not require a surgical intervention.

Treatment and Pain Management

If you are suffering and need herniated disc pain relief, our Garland chiropractors can quickly and affordably assess the problem and work out a treatment program. In many cases we can help you avoid surgery. Our therapies include:

Spinal Decompression Therapy: A non-invasive treatment involving computer monitored mechanical traction. During this simple therapy pressure is removed from the spine and the herniated disc, encouraging healing
Massage Therapy: The body’s natural response to pain is to become stressed causing it to stiffen up. This rigidity makes movement more difficult and increases pain at. Massage therapy helps relax muscles back to their normal state which relieves pain and speeds the healing process.
Laser Therapy: This simple treatment speeds healing and reduces inflammation. As an added bonus treatments are quick and convenient.

Our affordable chiropractic services means you can get the Herniated disc pain relief you need. We accept all major insurance plans and offer reasonable cash rates for those without health insurance.

Let us help you overcome you neck or back injury and regain your quality of life. Contact our Garland Chiropractors today to find out how you benefit from our Herniated Disc Pain Treatment Program.

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