Get Pain Relief at Home

Quality home therapy equipment can ease pain and help restore normal spine curvature

If pain has ever limited your daily activities or has kept you from getting a good night’s sleep—this is must read information. If you suffer from arthritis, sciatica, neck pain, back pain, or numbness and tingling in your arms and legs, home therapy equipment can help you get pain relief.

an image of tens unitNot only can home therapy reduce pain, it can also help rehabilitate and restore normal curvature to the spine. Normal curvature is essential to healthy discs and joint function.
When your spine loses its normal shape, discs can begin to decay and abnormal symptoms pop up. Pain, tingling and burning can be the first sign of a larger problem.

A visit to our office will help determine the root cause of the symptoms. We will then develop a proper course of treatment to help you get pain relief…fast! Part of that treatment may include a prescription for home therapy.

We offer three main types of therapy and support:

  • TENS Units – Effectively treat both chronic and acute pain through electrical stimulation.
  • Cervical Posture Pumps® – Designed for neck use. Cervical Posture Pumps® provide gentle traction to the neck giving relief from headaches caused by joint and nerve pressure and muscle tightening. Also help to restore normal neck curvature.
  • Lumbar Posture Pumps® – Designed for the back. Lumbar Posture Pumps® help take the pressure off of compressed discs. Continued treatment will also help rehydrate the discs.
  • Back Braces – Helps support your back while undertaking challenging tasks. Also improves posture.

In many cases your insurance will provide these products to you with no out of pocket expense.

We’ve listed a few of the insurance companies that will often cover this type of equipment:

  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • Blue Cross
  • Healthnet
  • Texas True Choice
  • Also covered by some Medicare supplemental policies

*Benefits will vary based on individual health insurance policy.

For patients without insurance, or whose insurance doesn’t cover durable medical goods, we carry many affordable product options as well.

Why spend another restless night? Call us today to learn if you qualify.

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