Why a Garland Chiropractor Should Be Your First Choice For Neck Pain

image of woman with neck painNeck pain is a common ailment that effects about 70% of the population. Your neck not only provides the flexibility to turn your head up and down and from left to right, it also supports its weight. When your neck is injured or sore it can have a powerful impact on your overall health.

Your neck has seven vertebrae along the spinal cord and a disc between each vertebra. The discs serve as a sort of cushion, which works to absorb any blows and shocks that happen to the neck.

Since the nerves in your neck are very close to the discs, when injury occurs it can be extremely painful as well as damaging to the vertebrae and/or the discs. Although there are several reasons to have pain in the neck area, the pain and stiffness can typically be treated by a chiropractor. Garland chiropractors can adjust or manipulate the bones and joints to help relieve the pain and pressure that is being put on the neck.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

If you have immediate pain in your neck, it typically is from a sudden injury or accident such as a fall, blow to the head/neck or a car accident. Neck pain that slowly develops over time or gradually worsens may be due to age, work activities or abnormal sitting and sleeping patterns. Here’s a good example. If you sit at a desk for long periods of time with your head thrust forward staring at a computer screen, it creates excess stress on your neck, which over time will result in increased pain.

Misaligned joints

In the majority of cases, discomfort and pain are due to problems with your joints and the spinal bones in the neck. Facet joints, the joints that form your cervical spine, are responsible for allowing the neck to move in a normal motion. If these joints become misaligned or have been improperly moved, the joint can pinch or irritate the small nerves in your upper back, shoulder and neck area, resulting in pain and discomfort.

These misalignments can cause the pain to spread to your hands and head as well, which can sometimes prevent you from taking part in normal, daily activities.

Why you should visit a Garland chiropractor

Your Garland chiropractor knows where the pressure points are in the bones and muscles. He or she is specially trained to to use a variety of hands-on techniques and specialized equipment to relieve the pain. In some cases, during your initial chiropractic visit, your doctor may order an x-ray or MRI to get a better understanding of the cause of your complaint.

Your chiropractor will also analyze of your range of motion and determine the extent of your problem. Following the initial consultation, your chiropractor will have a better understanding of what type of chiropractic treatment plan is best suited for your particular pain.

Effective Chiropractic Techniques

There are a number of techniques that a chiropractor may utilize in order to help relieve or eliminate your neck pain such as:

  • Muscle stimulation-a technique used to relax muscle spasms as well as increase the blood flow to an inflamed/injured area.
  • Active release technique-a soft tissue therapy
  • Ultra sound-used for deep heating and improving cellular repair
  • Soft tissue therapy-trigger pressure point stimulation
  • Posture correction exercises/other at home exercises-simply exercise that are beneficial for improving range of motion and reliving stiffness
  • Educate you on job modifications-the chiropractor may explain the benefits of altering your job routines, such as sitting in an ergonomic chair or using a stool under your feet.
  • Spinal manipulations-beneficial for realigning the spine and relieving pressure from the spinal nerves.
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Adjustments
  • Muscle alignment technique

Garland chiropractors are specially trained to treat patients with neck pain and a vast array of other musculoskeletal problems. Seeking chiropractic care for neck pain has become a popular alternative therapy because of the positive results. Chiropractic treatment is extremely safe and gentle. In many cases surgery and the use of pain medications can be completely eliminated when you opt for chiropractic treatment. If you’d like to discuss your treatment options, contact the health professionals at Texas Spinal Health today.

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