Explore the Benefits of Massage Therapy at Texas Spinal Health

Massage therapy is a time honored healing art. Not only does it feel fantastic, but it really does help muscles to heal and reduces pain and stress.

a massage therapy in garlandHere at our Garland chiropractor’s office, massage therapy is used to ease the pain after a traumatic injury, and to loosen the musculature before a chiropractic adjustment. Our patients report that they feel much more relaxed after a massage, have a lot less pain, and that they are more limber and flexible too. The calming effects of a massage have been noted as well. It’s a wonderful therapy for people who are really stressed out and need to relax and let go of all their built up tension.

Massage therapy dates back almost 300 years, when the Chinese started documenting its use. The great philosopher, Hippocrates, has been credited with many papers on the subject and its ability to heal, and today the benefits of massage are known around the world. In most countries massage therapy is an accepted part of any rehab program, and is valuable for ailments ranging from low-back pain to high blood pressure, arthritis, fatigue, depression and much more.

Chiropractic and massage therapy are great together as they complement each other beautifully. Chiropractic helps to put the spinal bones back into their proper position while massage helps to calm muscles that have been stressed out due to nerve compression that the misaligned bones were causing. If you’re familiar with the Chinese concept of Zen, massage therapy and chiropractic are very similar to yin and yang and are both helpful for healing.

If you have any questions about our Garland massage therapy services, please give us a call. After a session with our wonderful massage therapist, you’ll be glad you did.

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