How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help
a Herniated Disc

Our spinal columns are intriguing and complex structures made up of interlocking muscles, fibers, ligaments, and spongy shock absorbers in between each spine vertebrae. It’s these spongey structures or spinal discs, that play such an important role in keeping our spines supple and flexible.

How to Treat the Herniated DiscThe discs in our spines can deteriorate over time from age and wear and tear. The discs can also tear or rupture due to a trauma or injury. This is known as a herniated disc. Sometimes you’ll also hear medical doctors refer to this condition as a “bulging disc”, or a “ruptured disc”.

The spinal discs have a tough outer layer, but within the disc there is a gel-like substance. Any damage to that outer layer, and the disc may bulge, or break open. Often this will cause the disc to press on the spinal nerves.

Since the nerves and spine are so complex, the symptoms of a herniated disc can vary. If there is little damage to the disc, there may be little or no pain. But if the damage is significant, it can result in severe low back or neck pain. The pain can lead to sciatica, a burning pain that radiates down the buttocks into the legs.

Some patients have equated the pain from herniated disc to the feeling of an electric shock. There may also be a “pins and needles” sensation, or tingling and numbness. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by muscle weakness as well. In rare cases a patient may experience bowel or bladder problems. This is a medical emergencyand a patient experiencing these extreme symptoms should see a doctor immediately.

Herniated disc treatment

advising rest and limited physical activity. Ice packs may provide immediate pain relief, and help relax stressed muscles. If these changes don’t bring improvement, the next step is usually anti-inflammatory medications, progressing to oral steroids, narcotics, and steroid injections to the spine.

For people looking for a safe, alternative herniated disc treatment, chiropractic care tops the list. During a chiropractic visit, Dr. Mixon properly adjusts the spine to correct any spinal misalignments. This treatment alone can provide dramatic pain relief. However in many cases, Dr. Mixon will also recommend Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a specialized treatment with a proven record of success for patients with herniated or bulging discs. The ideal conditions provided by this advanced therapy give the body a chance to heal. Here is what one spinal decompression patient had to say about her husband’s experience, “Both my husband and I have bad backs. When we came in to see Dr. Mixon, I could barely walk because of the pain. Once we were done with the decompression machine and adjustments, it was like we had new backs and could walk out with a pep in our step ” – R & S Salicos, Watauga, TX

If you have or suspect you have a herniated disc, or have been diagnosed with sciatica, give our Garland chiropractic office a call. Our advanced treatment options can help you get back to enjoying life faster than you thought possible!

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Garland Chiropractic Office Offers Natural Treatment for Depression

Have you ever awakened in the morning after a full night of sleep and found yourself sluggish, tired and dreading the new day? Are you listless and disinterested in hobbies or activities that you normally find enjoyable? If so, you might one of the millions of people who are suffering from depression.

an image of a depressed personSeeking treatment for depression can be difficult. Not only must you talk to your doctor and bring up a topic most of us prefer to avoid, but you must also decide if you wish to take a drug to deal with your symptoms, Because unfortunately, the traditional way of dealing with depression is by using drugs and sometimes therapy sessions.

In many cases this is only a short term patch rather than a full blown cure.

Interestingly, many studies over the years have drawn a direct correlation between lack of physical human contact and depression. Basically, this means who don’t get enough physical contact with other people have a higher likelihood of being depressed.

We’re talking about simple human touch such as holding hands, getting hugs, and even a kind pat on the back. Sadly many people go for years without even these comforting forms of human touch and this can be a major factor in depression like symptoms.

This is one reason chiropractic treatment can be so powerful when it comes to treating depression. Chiropractors have long been as ‘doctors with a healing touch’. Chiropractic is known as ‘physical medicine’ because most chiropractors use their hands to gently adjust the spine and joints into their proper position.

It’s truly a ‘hands on’ approach to healing. Those patients who suffer from a lack of human touch will benefit both from our Garland chiropractic treatment and the positive physical contact.

There is also a correlation between misalignment of the bones in the neck and depression. When the cervical vertebrae of the neck are misaligned they can put tremendous pressure on the fragile nerves that exit the spine in this area. This can cause both physical and mental imbalances, including depression. Because of this, a thorough chiropractic exam is an excellent idea for anyone suffering from depression.

We also offer massage therapy in our Garland chiropractic clinic, which is also an excellent treatment for depression. In combination, Chiropractic and massage can be very effective in helping to return a depressed person to a happier state of mind – without harmful drug therapy.

Apart from the mental causes of depression and lack of human touch there are some people that actually suffer depression due to chemical imbalances in their bodies and in their brain. This can be caused by something as simple (and preventable) as a lack of certain minerals or vitamins.

By using Nutrition Response Testing, I can help determine if you or a loved one would benefit from taking whole food supplements.

Frankly, the exact cause of depression is not well known. Most scientists believe that it is caused by a number of factors. The majority of these factors can readily be addressed by a Doctor of Chiropractic. The best part about treating depression with physical medicine is that the use of heavy, side-effect producing drugs is not needed.

At our Garland Chiropractic Clinic we offer many safe, natural options for treating depression.

If you or a family member is depressed and looking for a solution, why not try Chiropractic? It’s safe, effective and doesn’t rely on drugs as a cure. There is a good possibility that a combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and natural supplements will help immensely.

For more information about our Garland Chiropractic office and our treatments for depression, please contact our staff at (972) 840-2520.

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The Best Shoes for Back Pain

woman in high heels with hurting feetAre you one of the millions of women whose shoe shopping habits border on addiction? Do you rush to buy this year’s latest trend, whether it’s a patent leather Mary Jane, a sleek pump with 3″ stiletto heels or a casual suede mule? If so, you might be setting yourself a for a trip to your local chiropractor.

In many cases, the stylish creations that look so good on your feet may not be the best shoes for back pain.

Patients from across the Dallas Metroplex come to see our Garland chiropractor complaining of lower back pain. In most cases, Dr. Mixon can diagnose the problem on the spot — and many times footwear plays a major role.

If you think about the body in terms of mechanics, this makes perfect sense. Your feet form the foundation for your body. Some people have arches that are too high. Some have arches that are too low. Some have narrow heels and wide feet and vice versa. This alone can lead to back pain as a mechanical discrepancy already exists.

If you wear uncomfortable shoes this can aggravate the problem, leading to more pain. If your feet aren’t comfortable, it may affect your gait and the way you walk. This can lead to spinal misalignments and back pain.

High heels are in a class of their own when it comes to causing back pain. They cause immeasurable strain to the lower back, severely inhibiting wearers from walking in the correct position. Our Garland chiropractor strongly advises against heels of over an inch and a half. However if heels are required for work, be sure to switch to more supportive shoes, like sneakers, when walking longer distances.

Fip-flops are on the other end of the shoe spectrum. They cause problems because they offer no support whatsoever. Long term use can cause lead to joint and tendon problems and conditions like hammer toes For this reason, Dr. Mixon may recommend a more supportive shoe to ensure that the natural roll of the heel to toe motion is clearly defined, accommodated and comfortable.

Orthotics are another way to support the foot. Orthotics are inserts which can provide additional arch support. These inserts can be slid into any shoe that you wish to use. If you wear orthotics, bring them with you the next time you go shoe shopping. This way you can find a shoe that works well with the orthotics. Sometimes, to accommodate orthotics comfortably, the shoe that you’re shopping for might need to be a wider width than normal.

So what are the best shoes for back pain?

Most chiropractors will recommend running shoes for back pain patients, even if the patient will only use them for walking. Running shoes cushion the heel. This allows patients to relax against the cushioning without maneuvering their feet against it for comfort purposes.

They are also recommended for the rigidity of the mid-sole, which is excellent for support, even with orthotics. Some shoes, like certain styles of Aasics, have an IGS, or an Impact Guidance System, which reads the balance of your body and directs your foot straight forward upon landing, improving your gait with every step that you take.

Another beneficial feature to look for in a running shoe is a shock absorption system. This means the energy from each step is evenly distributed, taking the pressure off your feet and in turn, your lower back.

To sum up, when looking for the best shoes for back pain, look for shoes that offer well balanced support and adequate toe room and avoid excessively high heels,. Consider buying orthotics or an arch strengthening system for added protection.

For more information on how our Garland chiropractor can help overcome foot and back pain, contact Texas Spine & Wellness.

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Spinal Decompression: The Answer to Back Pain? | Garland Chiropractors

Spinal decompression is a non-invasive and non-surgical method of treating certain types of back pain. Spinal decompression works by gently and gradually decompressing the spine to take the pressure off inflamed discs and nerves. It has been one of the most effective medical breakthroughs to come in many years as it exhibited good long-term results for chronic back pain relief.

Benefits of spinal decompression therapy

The most common cause of back pain treated with spinal decompression is a herniated disc.representation of a herniated disc Pressure on the spine can cause herniated discs to bulge and push against surrounding spinal nerves and tissues. Decompression releases the pressure off the injured discs to reduce the disc bulge.

Degenerative disc problems are also treated with spinal decompression therapy. An injured disc can be further irritated by spinal compression which causes the vertebrae to move closer together. This can lead to nerve root and tissue compression which cause various forms of back pain. Decompression gets rid of the intense pressure on damaged discs to reduce or remove painful symptoms.

Facet joint syndrome is another back condition subjected to spinal decompression treatment. Of all back conditions, however, this one exhibits less than perfect results for long-term back pain relief. Facet joint syndrome induces pain because of the onset of arthritis in the lower vertebral bones. Decompression widens the gaps between the vertebral bones which may possibly reduce back pain.

How spinal decompression treatment is performed

In actual practice, the treatment involves a series of closely supervised distraction forces to help bring the spine back to its proper alignment, therefore decreasing pressure on the injured discs. In between distraction periods, a brief rest period is allowed to the patient. While treatment may take several weeks to complete, some patients have noted pain relief after only a few sessions.

The patient’s exact position during a decompression session depends largely on the nature of their back condition. For instance, decompressing the lower back requires patients to lie either on their stomachs or on their backs on the decompression table. However, in cases which involve the neck or upper spine region, patients are usually laid on their backs. In all sessions, supporting straps and pads are held in place to keep the patient in the right position during treatment.

Unlike other types of back therapy, spinal decompression patients may remain fully clothed while treatments are administrated. Most decompression calls for the use of a pelvic harness and, at times, a thoracic harness. These straps run along the stomach and chest area to hold the patient in the proper position. At the onset, the chiropractor will make patient-specific sets of treatments depending on the back condition present. This set of treatment is captured and saved for reference in future sessions.

Along with using distraction to decompress pinched discs, spinal decompression treatments can also make use of ultrasound, apply heat or cold to excite or relax the muscles in the spinal region, or perhaps some electric stimulation devices. The sequence in which these measures are used depends mostly on the degree of pressure on the spine as well as the location of the patient’s pain.

Inversion tables; At home treatment for herniated disc pain

Inversion tables are a medical wonder. However, they are not often talked about in medical circles as they don’t involve drugs or surgery. It is a highly recommended device for relieving back pain. Apart from spinal decompression, mild inversion could be a beneficial part of your treatment. Sticking to this routine will further free your back from pain.

Consult your Garland chiropractor

Consult your Garland chiropractor about spinal decompression and inversion tables. Many sufferers have successfully conquered their back pain through professional chiropractic care. This treatment is not only best for back pain, herniated discs, and neck pain; it can also be used in relieving various medical conditions such as headaches, asthma, colic, and ADHD. What’s more, chiropractic care can improve the body’s immune system to make it more resistant to diseases and illnesses.

Our Garland chiropractors can be reached by calling (972) 840-2520. Garland residents and those in the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth Area will find us conveniently located.

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How to Find the Right Chiropractor in Garland

Just like selecting the best restaurant or choosing your favorite football team, everyone has an opinion on how to choose a chiropractor. It’s the same with a chiropractor and a chiropractic clinic. While you might might absolutely love Dr. John, your neighbor might not. In many cases, in comes down to a matter of personal preference.

That being said, there are certain guidelines you might use when looking for the ‘right’ Chiropractor in Garland.

an image of a woman showing how to find the right chiropractor in GarlandOne must-have feature of the right chiropractor is his ability to communicate. Most people, especially when they visit a chiropractor in Garland for the first time, are completely unaware of the virtues of chiropractic medicine, the reason for chiropractic treatment, and why the spine is so important to health. Part of being a good Doctor of Chiropractic is being a great communicator and educator. A good Garland chiropractor will take the time to help his patients understand the benefits of chiropractic

But of course, the most important factor is the doctor’s ability and skill. With the advent of online patient reviews, finding an experienced, quality chiropractor in Garland has become easier than ever. There are many popular review sites, like Yelp, Insider pages and Angie’s list that can offer valuable insight into a doctor’s assets and strengths. But today, just as in years gone by, one of the most dependable ways to find a great chiropractor may be through a personal recommendation from a fried, co-worker or family member.

A large part of your decision should also reflect your dealings with the chiropractic office itself. The fact is, you don’t just deal with the Doctor when you go to his clinic, you deal with the people on his or her staff, from the front-desk staff to the massage therapist to the chiropractic assistant. One of the hallmarks of a great practice is that every staff member is always polite, friendly and caring.

If you go to a chiropractor who is nice to you, but his office manager is distant, the massage therapist is a snob and the vibe that you get is ‘we don’t care, we just work here’ then you would be advised to find another chiropractor. (And, of course, the doctor should find better staff…)

Remember, when your spine is properly aligned and the nervous system is working correctly, not only will you experience pain relief, you will stay healthier, and live longer than people who never go a chiropractor in Garland.

Like taking care of your teeth and getting regular check-ups, getting your spine adjusted on a regular basis will have long-term health benefits that are too numerous to tally. Definitely less pain, but also less disease, less damage, less degeneration and less suffering.

Texas Spinal Health offers an added benefit. We are an integrated chiropractic practice, have a full rehab center, offer laser therapy, therapeutic massage and spinal decompression therapy. As an integrated chiropractic practice we have a MD who supervises our clinic, and a Nurse practitioner who works directly with Dr. Mixon. Having both a Nurse Practitioner, (Merina Johnson) and a chiropractor (Dr. Mixon) ensures you’ll receive the best of traditional and alternative medicine. Our complete rehab center can help patients with everything from cardiac rehab, necks and back injuries, to strengthening injured shoulders and knees.

In conclusion, how to find a chiropractor will vary, but remember these tips… The ‘right’ doctor is one that keeps your health in the forefront, has an excellent staff, the proper equipment and therapies, communicates effectively, and whose skill encourages patient referrals.

Why not take the first step today? We believe within no time, you’ll be feeling better and living a healthier, more productive life.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mixon and the rest of the Texas Spinal Health team.

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