Photo of Dr. James MixonAt Texas Spinal Health, we combine compassionate care along with the latest advances in medical technology. Most importantly, we take the time to listen to our patients and their concerns, because we understand that health care is most effective when doctors and patients work together.

Our integrated Garland chiropractic clinic combines the best of traditional and alternative medicine. We are experts in treating neck and back pain, as well as knee pain and shoulder complaints. Our medical director, Dr. Mandy Thompson, nurse practitioner, Merina Johnson, and Garland chiropractor, Dr. James Mixon, combine their skills to deliver exceptional care along with a wide array of services.

We offer:

  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Physical rehab
  • Therapeutic and trigger point massage
  • Laser therapy
  • Nutritional Medicine

For patients with osteoarthritis in their knees, we also offer a simple series of gentle hyaluronic acid injections. These injections can ease pain and provide a much needed cushion to facilitate movement. Our all-natural homeopathic anti-inflammatory treatments can also help painful shoulders and hard to treat neck and SI joint pain.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care is ideal for the whole family, including your children. Not only can chiropractic adjustments effectively treat neck pain, back pain, sciatica, bulging discs, and headaches, chiropractic treatment can be used to help your youngest family members as well. Chiropractic treatment can aid a wide range of medical conditions from asthma and ADHD to colic and bed-wetting.

Physical Rehab

Our physical rehab department can help you strengthen weak or injured muscles while improving range of motion and flexibility. Headed up by our expert, physical therapy tech, Lisa provides hands on treatment and a customized care program for each patient.

Therapeutic and Trigger Point Massage

Massage Therapy offers a surprisingly long list of benefits, ranging from stress and anxiety relief to improving circulation and blood pressure. Massage is also a wonderful way to speed healing time after an injury and to expand range of motion. Because of its many benefits, we offer two ways to receive massage in our Garland chiropractic clinic.

The first is by scheduling a full length (either 30 or 60 minute) massage. The massage therapy session is performed in a private room. During your treatment you can specify whether you prefer Swedish massage or Deep Tissue massage.

Our knowledgable licensed massage therapists will find problem areas and relax tight and aching muscles. Many people find these sessions to be the perfect accompaniment to their chiropractic appointments. Often, commercial insurances will cover this service.

The second way to receive massage therapy is as part of your rehab therapy. On most days, we offer 10 minute chair massage sessions as part of your visit. During both types of sessions the massage therapist will use trigger point massage to focus on the tight muscle fibers that often form in muscles after overuse and injury.

Nutritional Medicine

If you’re interested in your whole health, our chiropractic office in Garland can offer a wide range of treatment and nutrition options. Our Science Based Nutrition programs. begin with a comprehensive lab test, and offer an unbiased and scientific way to understand your current state of health.

By using professional grade vitamins ad herbal supplements, we can help you address many common ailments safely and easily.

Affordable Chiropractic Care in Garland

To take advantage of our affordable chiropractic care in Garland Tx, call our office today to schedule your first visit.

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